Action Learning Sets

An Action Learning Set is a group of people who have chosen to come together to work on the organisational chalenges they face.

For the Action part, each member of the Set brings something that is real and current from their work, something which they would like to be different and which has a complexity and ambiguity requiring more than a yes-no resolution.

For the Learning part, each member undertakes to research and experiment, seek out new information and try something new, that is related to solving their challenge.

The Action and the Learning come together through the support, critique and encouragement the members of the Set provide for each other, in meetings which offer an important opportunity to reflect on and develop their management and leadership practice.  Each Set member develops individually, learns from and contributes to the learning of the others and is enabled to make a stronger contribution to their organisation.

As an Action Learning Set facilitator, I manage the process of reflection and challenge, working with all the Set to maximise the benefits each member can take away.