Coaching results

"Ken's coaching has transformed my approach to work and helped me deal with stressful situations much more calmly.

Whereas I used to allow myself to get very anxious about work difficulties, I am now able to take a step back and deal with situations more confidently.

This has helped me to become more productive at work as I am able to prioritise tasks more effectively and not allow particular situations to make me anxious and distract me. I also feel more confident in offering suggestions and taking control of my work rather than letting it control me.

His coaching has also helped me understand how to avoid allowing a stressful day at work to impact on my home and social life. I am now much better at separating the two and feel much happier and better able to tackle my job as a result."

A M - Communications Specialist

“Having experienced coaching from Ken over the past eight months I have found his approach to coaching to be of a very high standard.  The sessions are always constructed to allow every opportunity for me to explore themes and current issues that enable me to develop methods/approaches in dealing with my demanding day to day role.  Following each session I am able to reflect on the coaching session in order to develop my behavior for my professional advancement.  Ken is professional at all times and is approachable and flexible.”

D J - Senior Manager Community Nursing

"It was great to have someone impartial I could talk to. Ken was very warm and un-judgemental.

He helped me to give vision to what would constitute success in my job and that in turn enabled me to make the decision to pursue the success that would truly give me satisfaction.  It enabled me to see that I wasn't a failure but that I was in the wrong role for me. So thank you!"

C M - Media Consultant

"I found the sessions particularly helpful in pinpointing specific difficulties that I was having at the time.

Ken helped me to see things that I just wasn't able to see for myself, and enabled me to look at them from a different angle.  I am particularly grateful for the fact that he wouldn't let me brush off my difficulties with my usual "I'm fine" and coaxed out the cause of the difficulties and helped me to put coping mechanisms in place.  The sessions will be of long term help to me as the mechanisms can be used and reused, and I appreciate that. Thank you."

S E - Heritage Manager

Supervision results

"Having supervision conversations with Ken has encouraged me to have supervision conversations with myself.

Reflecting on the questions that Ken might ask enables me to reflect on my approach in specific situations - rather like having a 'virtual' Ken.  I have also adopted his habit of scheduling time after coaching sessions to reflect on the process and outcomes. By doing this promptly I can ensure that the next coaching session with that client is better informed. It also encourages better practice, as any areas for improvement or change are captured and applied.

I have also added a number of powerful questions to my toolkit and broadened my knowledge through Ken's recommended reading and his own professional experience.

Ken's supervision has been instrumental in building my confidence by helping me access a greater range of resources - both within myself and externally. Coaching without this support can feel isolated and, when faced with a challenge, supervision has been invaluable."

S C - Coach and Staff Engagement Manager

Action learning results

"Through his facilitation of our Action Learning Set, Ken has challenged my colleagues and me to look beyond jumping to solutions to each others' work-related issues and instead to coach each other to reach our own conclusions.

The value in this is that we are learning to really listen to and question each other and not assume "I know best"! 

Ken has influenced us to develop each other to think for ourselves, to discuss issues and share experiences and to have the courage to make decisions on our own."

F B - HR Business Partner