Communities of Practice

In 2006 while working as the Head of Learning and Development for a UK Government Department, I set up the Coaches in Government Network, an innovative community of coaching practice.

My purpose in doing this was to create a community in which internal coaches in central Government Departments could together develop their coaching practice.

Through a light-touch brokering system putting coaches and clients together, the Network also gave access to coaching for people working in members' organisations who would otherwise not have access to it.

Among the benefits the Network delivered were

  • many hundreds of hours of coaching at minimal cost, through making greater use of the available internal coaching resource
  • a wide range of associated improvements to motivation and performance
  • knowledge sharing to help members in building organisational coaching strategies and systems
  • resources for continuing professional development, including seminars and supervision.

The Network was unique, in taking an emergent and adaptive approach to how it grew and positioned itself within the sector; and in the freedom it gave to members and to clients in how they formed their coaching relationship.  The Network ran for five years.

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