I worked with Ken over a 4 month period having started a new role 6 months before and feeling a little ‘lost’ in terms of planning and an overarching view of the role I play. Ken was very easy to work with, calm and thoughtful and he was very skilled at drawing out thought processes from me, opening up an awareness of my actual competencies rather than what I thought my competencies were and building a framework for me to progress with. An excellent experience and I would definitely recommend Ken – A.A.


I’ve been taking supervision with Ken for three years now, and it’s a relationship that has been very valuable to me during this time. What’s most important to me is that Ken creates an environment of safety and trust, where I feel I can express myself and be honest without any fear of judgement. This means I can truly examine my own motivations, beliefs and values that shape how I am as a coach. I also feel that the traditional power imbalance between supervisor and coach does not get in the way in our relationship. I feel with Ken that we are looking together into my practice, with an agreement between us that he will act as the guide. This frees me from the need to impress, or demonstrate that I am A Good Coach, which again means I can examine my coaching practice honestly, even the things I may not want to look at. It’s also worth saying that I always enjoy my supervision sessions and look forward to them each time! – B.T.

Supporting the development of coaching and supervision:

To say that Ken is dedicated to fulfilling the possibilities that coaching can present to individuals and organisations would be an understatement. His role as a founder of the Coaches in Government Network, championed coaching in the public sector. He grew the organisation from an interest group of a handful of committed and skilful coaching practitioners into a broader network, which provided CPD and brokering of coaching opportunities across organisational boundaries. Ken’s own personal contribution to this network, also included providing supervision and guidance for coaches – mostly in his own time, and researching, writing & editing the network’s specialist quarterly magazine and organising network events. Ken provided supervision for a couple of coaching groups in the Home Office, which were very well received. Feedback reflected Ken’s subtle yet powerful insight-led conversations, which produced many ‘aha’ moments for the coaches in their practice with clients. – T.E

Action learning:

“Through his facilitation of our Action Learning Set, Ken has challenged my colleagues and me to look beyond jumping to solutions to each others’ work-related issues and instead to coach each other to reach our own conclusions.

The value in this is that we are learning to really listen to and question each other and not assume “I know best”! 

Ken has influenced us to develop each other to think for ourselves, to discuss issues and share experiences and to have the courage to make decisions on our own.” – F.B.

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